TMS Group & Offshore Protection Engineering Co. (OPEC) pool their resources and expertise and join forces for the purpose of covering the demands of subsea protection and stabilization products for the Oil & Gas industry in the Mediterranean region.

TMS-OPEC provides tailormade solutions for the challenges faced in subsea pipeline construction. We provide free span correction, grouting services and Concrete/Bitumen mattresses while we have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of products for the protection and stabilization of pipelines, cables, shores protection and other subsea assets. By combining creative designs with engineering principles, we ensure the production of innovative high-quality systems that support, protect and stabilize all kinds of subsea installations.

Our Services

Protection Mattresses

We offer an extensive range of Concrete and Bitumen mattresses, ranging in size, weight and shape which are produced for the protection, stabilization, anchoring and support of pipelines, underwater cables, crossings, and any underwater construction.

Free Span Correction

We design, manufacture and install our own range of grout bags based on any specifications required by the client. TMS-OPEC Grout Bags are specifically designed to respond to all pipeline diameters and they can be installed by either diver or ROV. They come in different heights and sizes and they are manufactured to suit different sea bed conditions.

Grouting Services

We provide different type of grouting services, onshore and offshore. Our specialized team is handling operations such as Free Span Correction or Jacket Legs professionally and effectively. Our grouting equipment is perfectly suitable for all grouting.

Crossing & Support

We produce all kinds of concrete structures used for supporting and protecting pipelines in congested areas.

Installation Frames

The handling / deployment frame is a single quick release system frame, mechanically operated either by diver or ROV. There are no hydraulics or electricity involved in the installation process thus possible failures are eliminated, and reliable handling in all conditions is ensured. The frame is provided with a valid certificate covering the frame and all the accessories (slings, shackles).